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Wine Glasses, Crystal Glassware, Tableware and Home Accessories

Welcome to John Jenkins Direct. Intel shares We have a unique collection of lifestyle and home furnishing products offering you exceptional quality, choice, and value. We�ve been supplying top retail stores, hotels and restaurants with high quality wine glasses, crystal, glassware, tableware and dinnerware for many years. We specialise in providing only the finest quality home furnishing products at exceptional prices. Great gifts for weddings, birthdays and house-warming

Buy Crystal & Glass online from John Jenkins: Home Furnishings and Garden Furniture

Crystal & Glass

High quality crystal glassware at exceptional prices.
Wine glasses, goblets, tumblers and tankards. We have glasses for every occasion - and drink.
Buy Tableware from John Jenkins: Home Furnishings and Garden Furniture


Tableware and dinnerware for every occasion.
Dinner tableware including fine china, table mats, table linen and cutlery. Everything you need to set a stylish table.
Buy Kitchen Accessories online from John Jenkins: Home Furnishings and Garden Furniture

Kitchen Accessories

Charming and practical items for your kitchen. For entertaining or for everyday use.
Equip your kitchen with essential cookware and kitchen linens.
Buy Table Mats & Coasters from John Jenkins: Home Furnishings and Garden Furniture

Table Mats & Coasters

Strong bold designs or traditional scenes come together in our Table Mat collection. A set of table mats or place mats will transform your dinner table.

Wine Glasses

You will find an exceptional selection of wine glasses in our crystal and glassware department. We have divided these into two distinct categories: red wine glasses and white wine glasses. Visa shares

Glasses designed specifically for red wines tend to have larger, round bowls that allow the wine to breath and the bouquet of the wine to fill the glass, enhancing the taste and enjoyment of the wine. White wine glasses tend to be slimmer than their red wine counterparts. The smaller size of the bowl helps the wine to remain cool, minimising the warming effect of the hand.

We are confident that you will find what you are looking for in our range of wine glasses. We have some very affordable, bargain glasses which are ideal for those summer parties and barbecues. Then we have some exquisite, cut crystal wine glasses that are both beautiful and practical.

Crystal Glass

Our crystal and glassware range doesn't stop at wine glasses. We also stock a great range of glasses glasses for all purposes including champagne glasses, brandy glasses, beer tankards and shot glasses. If you are ever stuck for a gift idea crystal glassware is always a good bet. What about a nice pair of stylish cocktail glasses? An ideal gift for any cocktail lover or James Bond fan. Buy Uber shares